Fireside Chats During the Holiday Season

As the holidays approach and families gather together, topics like long-term care and estate planning are likely to be the last thing on your mind.  However, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to discuss these difficult issues with your loved ones.  For older relatives, it is important to discuss whether he or she has planned for future incapacity and/or assisted living or nursing home care needs.

In addition, if you and your older family members already have existing advance health care directives and powers of attorney for finance in place, the holidays are a good opportunity to ensure that your health care agents understand your wishes with regard to end of life care, and that your attorneys-in-fact have a good understanding of your finances, or that they know where to find that information if and when they need it.

If you and your family will be gathering together for the holidays, remember that the most difficult conversations are often the most important, and that when it comes to long-term care and estate planning, the earlier you begin planning, the better.

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