Creating an Estate Plan for Your Digital Assets (and what they are in the first place)

In creating and implementing an estate plan, one category of assets is often neglected—digital assets. In addition to accumulating liquid assets and tangible personal property, we are increasingly accumulating more and more digital assets throughout our lifetimes. But what are digital assets? They can include:

  • Photographs and videos stored in an electronic format;
  • Playlists and digitally recorded music;
  • Social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram;
  • Website domain names;
  • Other information and assets that are stored electronically, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

So, how do we plan for and protect our digital assets? First, create a list of any and all digital assets, including where to find them and how they are accessed. Second, make sure that this information is secure but accessible by your personal representative or trustee. Finally, ensure that your fiduciaries are authorized to access and use your digital assets by implementing an Authorization and Consent for Release of Electronic Information.

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